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Nose ring | Nose piercing ring 2023

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A girl’s nose ring is called a piercing. It has been known since ancient times. It is believed that this decoration in its modern form came from India. The first entry in the Vedas about piercings in the nose dates back to 1500 BC. e.

This decoration was popular among the Bedouins in the Middle East, the Berbers, the Beja African people, the Australian Aborigines, the tribes of America. Despite the rich history, many modern people do not know the names of nose earrings.


What is a nose piercing called?

This jewelry is considered the second most popular after earrings for ears. Therefore, many body art salons offer a wide range of nose piercing services. There are several common variations of this decoration.

The nose wing piercing is called Nostril. This is the most common decoration option. The puncture is carried out quickly and almost painlessly, the wound heals quickly enough (1-3 months). There is a subspecies of High Nostril. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the earring is set a little higher. It is more difficult to care for him, and he heals longer.

A nose piercing with a ring in the middle is called a septum. In this case, either the cartilage of the nasal septum itself, or the skin under it, is pierced. In the first case, the wound heals much longer than in the second. The earring is threaded through the hole in such a way that the bar remains in the nose, and the balls are outside.

A vertical puncture of the septum is called Septril. Most often, a hole is made above the lip at the base of the nose and the carnation is set so that the ball “looks” down. A slightly more complicated option is Reno. In this case, the earring is threaded through a through hole from the bottom of the nose to the center along a strictly vertical line. This is one of the most difficult punctures, which can only be carried out by an experienced master in a good salon.

The bridge piercing is called a bridge. It happens horizontally, vertically and multiple. The first option is the most common, the puncture is carried out just above eye level. The earring in the nose can be decorated with a regular ball or a more aggressive and bold spike. Also, artificial or natural stones are often used. The vertical bridge is threaded under the skin of the bridge of the nose and forehead. Multiple is a combination of the first two types or several punctures in one direction. Regardless of the location, it heals for a long time, the procedure itself is painful.

The symmetrical piercings at the tip of the nose are called Austin Bar, after the first person to do such a piercing. Most often it is chosen by men. During the procedure, only soft tissues are affected, the cartilage remains intact. However, wounds can take up to 10 months to heal.


Piercing of the tip of the nose from the inside has not received a special name. The puncture is carried out using a rather complicated technique. The earring is threaded through the through hole from the inner surface of the wing to the center of the tip. Such a piercing requires special care and strict adherence to all the recommendations of the master.

A through earring in the nose is called Nasalang. The puncture for it is carried out through two wings and cartilage. This is the most difficult and painful type of piercing to perform. Wounds heal up to a year.

There are also several types of earrings for body art:

  • Ring. It is installed in punctures on the wing, nasal septum. It can be equipped with a hidden fastening, a decorated clasp, balls and spikes at the ends of the product.
  • Barbell. The simplest and most common type. It looks like a small metal cylinder, on the edges of which limiters are wound, for example, spikes, cones, balls. Used for septril and bridge.
  • Circular. Curved rod. It is installed in the punctures of the wing of the nose and septum.
  • Nostril. Stud with a special curve that keeps the decoration securely in place.
  • Twister. Threaded spring for clamps at the ends.
  • Labret. It looks like a regular stud, but is used to pierce the tip and wing of the nose. It is installed in a puncture from the outside, and fastened inside. The upper part is decorated with precious stones, artificial crystals, pearls.
  • Chain. It is used as an additional decor for earrings on the nose and, for example, on the ear. The product is fixed on two ornaments and suspended between them. Rarely used for everyday wear. Nose chain piercing does not require a piercing or other procedure.
  • Tunnel. It consists of two flat plates with a hole, which are installed on a puncture. The hole diameter is usually quite large. Some make tunnels for the entire area of ​​the wing.

You can also purchase fake earrings. An unpierced nose ring looks exactly the same as a full piercing. Most often imitate Septum or Nostril. The decoration in this case is held due to the fact that its edges fit snugly against the cartilage or skin of the nose.

Interesting facts about nose piercing

This type of body art has a very rich history. For example, in India, since ancient times, it was believed that a woman’s nostrils are connected with her reproductive system. The nose was decorated with girls who had reached puberty, as well as brides. Earring in the nose of a girl in this culture means that she is about to get married, so it is considered indecent to try to get to know her and even talk to her on the street.

And the Indian tribes of the Aztecs and Mayans believed that piercing is an exclusively male adornment. Feathers and bones were threaded into the punctures. According to beliefs, this makes the warrior stronger, bolder and more courageous. The wealthy class in these tribes used gold rings as nose earrings. Fashion for these jewelry is still preserved among the indigenous population of South and Central America.

And their neighbors from the northern part of the continent used nose piercings in the initiation ceremony of young men. At the age of 9-10, they went to the forest and lived there on their own for several days. Then they returned to their families and received decoration as a symbol of maturity. Piercing was so common that the European colonizers named one tribe “Nez Perce”, which means “pierced nose”.

African Bedouins showed off their wealth with a nose ring. Usually it was made of gold. The real rich people had very thick rings and could hang below the lips.

There is also a mention of this type of body art in the Bible. According to legend, Abraham decided to find a wife for his son Isaac. It was a difficult task, since he was already 37 years old. A servant was sent to search, who for a long time could not find a suitable candidate. One day he stopped at an apartment building and began to pray for help in his business.

Immediately, the girl Rebecca came out of the house, who later became the wife of Isaac. She offered water to the traveler, and also gave it to the camels to drink. The servant realized that she was the one in front of him and gave her a nose ornament and two gold bracelets.

Australian aborigines use long bones of hunted animals as earrings. Gradually, they make the nose flatter, which is considered very beautiful in these tribes.

There are many ways to get a nose piercing and no less types of jewelry. Even if you decide to make the simplest puncture, it is better to contact a specialized salon. In addition, it is not recommended to buy cheap earrings made of unknown materials. It is better to opt for silver or medical steel.



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