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7.4 Treatment of Leprosy in Special Cases

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Tuberculosis: Patients suffering from both tuberculosis and leprosy require appropriate anti-Tuberculosis therapy in addition to the MDT. A: Rifampicin must be given in the dose required for the treatment of tuberculosis. Once the intensive phase of anti TB treatment is completed, the patient should continue with his/her monthly rifampicin for leprosy treatment.

There are two types of reactions

  • Reverse Reaction (RR) or type I reaction
  • Erythema Nodosum Leprous (ENL) or type II reaction (For detail refer Manual for Management of Leprosy for Health Workers)

Treatment of Reaction: Depending on severity, treatment of RR is by giving anti- inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids usually prednisolone for a prolonged period.

Note: Health care worker should communicate with DTLC when suspect leprosy reaction

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