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25.1 Common Poisons

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These can be intentional or accidental. Suspect poisoning in any unexplained illness in a previously healthy child/adult. Traditional medicines can also be a source of poisoning. The common poisoning in our setting are:

  • Household agents:
    • Organophosphate e.g malathion (insecticide)
    • Pesticides – nuvan top, rat poison, hydrocarbons e.g kerosene
    • Disinfectants and bleach
  • Medicines – Aspirin, paracetamol, anticonvulsants (carbamazpine), haematinic (Iron and Vitamins)
  • Major tranquilizers and herbal products
  • Foods-eg Mushroom, infected foods

The codes will be shown below

First: 170598
Second: 180198

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